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Riding a train or around the office, it seems like smartphones are omnipresent—with good reason. Over 1 million smartphones are sold every day, and 50% of all data is accessed on mobile devices, a figure that’s rapidly growing. Not having a mobile presence means missing out on the fact that 2 out of 3 Americans have an app device, where each spends around 80 minutes in apps every day. No matter how great your website and social presence, without mobile, you’re losing a huge chunk of the market.

Benefit of Mobile

In advertising and marketing, it’s critical to go where the target audience is. Today, that’s easier than ever, since the vast majority of your target audience is likely to be on their phones. By offering them a mobile optimized website, you demonstrate that you’re attuned to their needs and aware of their preferences. Chances are, we’ve all had frustrating experiences trying to access a non-mobile device from a phone: the clunkiness, constant zooming, and accidental clicks are a turn-off from the beginning.

You don’t want potential customers having that reaction to your site, and going to a competitor out of sheer annoyance. A well-engineered user experience is the first step to gaining new loyal followers; don’t turn them off before you even have a chance to show them why you’re worth sticking with.
Plus, with a mobile site, you make yourself accessible from anywhere, not just a home or work computer. Whenever a customer has a question, you’re right there in their phone, ready to provide the answer. For those whose only Internet usage is mobile-based, they’ll be introduced to your site in a much more positive way when it’s optimized for mobile, as opposed to a full-size website on a tiny smartphone screen.
In mobile searches, Google ranks mobile sites more highly than non-mobile ones—so when someone is searching on their phone, your mobile version is much more likely to show up than your regular site. With all the stress and details of SEO, this is one easy step that does drastically improve your ranking. And when you are found, the clean, sleek design of your mobile website, plus additional features such as GPS-guided maps and direct calling, will ensure that smartphones work for you, sending you new clients by the score.

Our Mission

At Daruma Marketing + Design, we want to help businesses compete in this technologically complex era, without business owners having to learn the intricate details of web design, mobile optimization, and social participation. Our goal is to ensure that you reach your full potential and become a leader in your niche. We take care of the Internet side, so you can focus on growing your company into the thriving business you’ve been dreaming of.

Why Mobile

MobileIcons1Million_2Number of smartphones sold daily

MobileIcons_2Amount of data consumed on mobile devices and growing

MobileIcons66_2Roughly two-thirds of Americans have an app device

MobileIcons80Minutes_2Number of minutes mobile users spend in apps every day

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Why Daruma

We are dedicated to your mobile success as much as your success in the full website and social arenas. Mobile is only continuing its upward climb in importance, and the sooner you just on the bandwagon, the more ahead of the game you’ll be. Our goal is your success, and our team won’t stop until you have a mobile site you’re proud of, that is easily accessible, cleanly designed, and optimized for both your use and your customers’.
When you choose Daruma Marketing + Design, you aren’t getting a mass-market approach to your individual business. You’ll have a team dedicated to making what you want happen, no matter how specific, so you’ll get service—and results—tailored to you.