Paid search marketing, or “pay per click” (PPC) marketing, is an online marketing strategy where advertisers pay only when a potential customer clicks on a banner or link that takes them to the advertiser’s website. Common examples of PPC marketing are the sponsored links that appear when you enter a keyword or phrase into a search engine. These usually appear above or next to the organic search results. In the paid search model, advertisers bid on target keywords and, when those keywords generate clicks, the advertiser pays a set amount based on the word’s popularity.

We offer full-service support for your PPC marketing campaigns. You’ll still enjoy the freedom to hand-pick the keywords you want to target, and we’ll take care of all the time-consuming logistics. We’ll manage all of your high-volume keywords daily, optimizing your bids and copy to achieve maximum results. You’ll receive detailed reports outlining keyword performance and the return on your daily marketing spend.


While the strategic use of keywords in web copy is a critical component of achieving desired search rankings, paid placement can help give you an edge over your competitors. This practice allows you to secure prominent exposure within search engine results, with your paid ads usually appearing above or alongside the natural (“organic”) listings.

We provide full-service paid placement management, starting with the careful selection of target keywords that will attract qualified traffic to your site. Once your paid placements are active, we’ll monitor their performance and provide you with detailed reports of the traffic and conversions generated from each keyword. We’ll also continually tweak your keyword list based on the results of our analysis, ensuring that you enjoy the maximum ROI on your placements. Our paid placement management services take the guesswork out of your search engine marketing campaigns.


With the proliferation of search engine traffic driving online sales, comparison shopping engines have become a major force in driving web traffic. Shopping comparison sites provide consumers with a valuable, time-saving tool by presenting critical product information compiled from thousands of websites all in one easily digestible presentation. Consumers can quickly scan a list of products and compare details like price, shipping costs, reviews, and more. By listing your products with a shopping comparison site, such as Froogle,, or Yahoo! Shopping, you’ll gain the advantage of positioning your wares in front of highly qualified buyers who are much more likely to make a purchase than a casual browser.

If you’re new to the concept of shopping sites, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you set up easy, automatic product feeds from your site directly to the comparison site. Our intuitive interface lets you effortlessly choose the products you want to submit or make updates to your existing feeds.


In the ever-shifting world of online marketing, relevance is everything. This is perhaps best illustrated by the surge in popularity of contextual advertising. This innovative strategy uses the specific website content a user is viewing to determine the text, banners, or video ads that display on the page. The practice is also used in a different way by major search engines, where dynamic ads are served up based on the search string entered by the user. For example, if someone enters “men’s dress shirts,” they might see a banner for Ralph Lauren alongside their organic search results. This type of behavior-driven, highly relevant marketing can translate into a stream of highly qualified traffic and a substantial ROI.

With years of experience implementing contextual ads, Daruma can help you take advantage of this lucrative strategy by choosing the websites most suited to drive traffic to yours. We offer flexible marketing plans that meet your goals without stretching your budget.