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When planning your future marketing campaigns, competitive analysis can help give you an edge over other companies offering a product or service similar to yours. While it’s commendable to strive for originality and innovation, we believe a little market knowledge can go a long way toward setting your business apart. We help you identify the target keywords and phrases your competitors are using in their own campaigns. This will help give you a feel for strategies that are working, clue you in to techniques that aren’t working, and help you identify untapped opportunities and areas in need of development. Among our areas of analysis are your competitors’ search engine submissions, keyword densities and frequencies, and the key performance indicators of each keyword. The more in-depth knowledge you have of the major players in the industry, the better equipped you’ll be to serve up the content for which your current and prospective customers are searching.


Keyword research is a critical component of your search engine marketing campaigns. Every online business has a core language that identifies its key functions and services. The first step is for your staff to get together for a brainstorming session to suggest target words and phrases. Once you’ve got your initial list, we’ll help you tweak and expand it to include the strategic words and phrases that capture the essence of your business while catering to proven search engine behaviors. We use the industry’s most credible keyword research tools to help you generate an intelligent list of relevant keywords, and then provide recommendations for ways to incorporate that verbiage into your website content, headings, title tags, meta descriptions, meta keywords, and anchor text. After tailoring their online marketing campaigns to our keyword research findings, our clients have reported a significant boost in search engine rankings, translating into a healthy revenue increase.


Most of today’s top search engines, including Yahoo! and Google, now include local search results above the organic search listings when a consumer plugs in a keyword or phrase. Typically, these local listings appear when the user includes a region name in their search string, such as “Cincinnati electricians.” Some search engines even check the user’s IP address to determine their locality and use that to serve up regional results.

How does this impact your SEO campaigns? With the right tactics, you can boost your website’s local search engine ranking to ensure your organic listing doesn’t get shoved beneath other regional competitors. At Abinko Marketing, we use ethical strategies to achieve the desired level of local search optimization within days. We’ll make sure your site is listed with the major search engines and necessary third-party directories, and then optimize your web content and meta tags to include strategic references to your address and city. Our clients have reported significant boosts in local search engine placements within days.


When a potential customer conducts an Internet search using a keyword or phrase related to your business offerings, your goal is for your website to appear as close to the top of the search results as possible. A high placement of your site within the search results directly increases the odds that the consumer will click through to your online store and ultimately make a purchase. At Abinko Marketing, we’re well-versed in the most current best practices for effective directory placement. Using strategic and ethical approaches, we help you optimize your content to make it more appealing to search engines and more accessible to potential customers seeking what you have to offer. Our satisfied clients have reported significant increases in search engine directory placements just days after partnering with us. Contact us today to find out how we can help boost your online presence—and your bottom line.


Among the many factors that determine your site’s placement in organic search results, the number and quality of inbound links placed on external sites is one of the most important. We don’t believe in using automated programs that stuff pages full of links without providing any real benefit to the user. Instead, we use ethical methods of increasing the number of links pointing to your site.

Our strategies include submitting your site to relevant directories and blog sites, performing analysis of your competitors to find out who is linking to them, manually contacting high-quality sites to request link placement, and syndicating content that includes links to your site. We also help you craft your content in such a way that will attract the attention of other websites and encourage them to publish outbound links to your site. Our link building services are completely customizable to your individual needs, and detailed reporting is always provided as part of the package.

Note: We strictly follow Google webmaster guidelines and we do not use link farms, link exchanges or other tricks that Google will penalize you for doing.


You may have a hunch that a particular piece of content will add value to your site and encourage customers to convert, but gut feelings don’t have a place in the world of strategic online marketing. To ensure that your campaigns, designs, and content are earning their space on your site with a positive ROI, implementing reliable web analysis is a must. At Abinko Marketing, we’ll help you maximize your results with comprehensive reporting tools that measure a variety of performance factors, including cost and return per keyword, cost and return per search engine, pay-per-click metrics, natural search results analysis, and more. Our reports let you customize the way you view your site’s performance, from a granular level to year-over-year trends. And we do more than just give you the numbers—our SEO specialists help you make sense of the data and recommend any necessary changes to your content or your marketing campaigns.